Innovative products at competitive prices

C21 Communications Ltd endeavours to supply its customer with innovative products and solutions at competitive prices.

Many of our products are designed to be integrated into other equipment for the end user to provide a complete solution to customers. Other products are either 'self install' or are truly 'plug and play'. (see our eShop for web prices)

In either case we will ensure a customer or integrator has full support from C21 when buying our products and installing them.

MobiLink GSM

MobiLink GSM - MobiLink is an analog interface between one PBX or phone and GSM network converting fixed-mobile and mobile-fixed phone calls to mobile-mobile phone calls.

MobiLink ISDN

The main functionality of MobiLink ISDN is to connect mid size ISDN PBXs and phones with one or two GSM mobile networks. The digital PBX is connected to MobiLink ISDN through an ISDN-BRI interface (two voice channels at 64kbps).


  • Option 1: MobiLink ISDN with 1 GSM network connection £460.00
  • Option 2: MobiLink ISDN with 2 GSM network connections £585.00
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Fixed-mobile 3G terminal that offers connectivity for one voice line (analogue telephone or exchange) and internet access for one computer using the 3G-UMTS public land mobile networks Voxell has ISDN options- fixed-mobile 3G terminal for voice that can connect one PBX with ISDN-BRI ports or an ISDN telephone to 3G-UMTS networks

VOXELL Analogue UMTS - 3G voice, data and SMS gateway, data and voice simultaneous with least cost routing so saving money on calls

VOXELL ISDN - The main functionality of Voxell ISDN is to connect ISDN PBXs and phones with one or two UMTS mobile networks. The digital PBX is connected to Voxell ISDN through an ISDN-BRI interface (two voice channels at 64kbps).

Bytton Double Wireless 100% plug and play

Portable "Double Wireless Router" - professional multi-tasking device that offers one voice line (telephone or exchange) connectivity and internet access for a local computer network (cabled or wireless) using the public land mobile networks

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  • Voice interface and Internet access
  • VPN Router - Virtual Private Networks router functionality
  • Firewall - acts as a packet filter applying security policies
  • LAN Server - it assigns IP addresses to client computers in the local network
  • Video Surveillance Server
  • SIP Proxy - offers SIP server functionalities for LAN users registration and signalling routing
  • WIFI Access Point - acts as a bridge for wireless computers
  • SMS gateway - can send and receive SMS from web and from mail
  • No cables required

Bytton comes in a number of different configurations and interfaces: "Double Wireless":

  • Fixed mobile terminal for GPRS, EDGE, UMTS-FDD, HSDPA, UMTS-TDD, CDMA 1x RTT, CDMA 1x EVDO
  • WIFI data transfers between WLAN users up to 54 Mbps - IEEE 802.11 B and G
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Other options available: EDGE, UMTS - TDD, CDMA 1x and EVDO. For these options please call.

For full details on how to buy self install and 'Plug and Play' products visit our eShop now.

C21 Communications is the exclusive distributor for TOPEX products in the UK and Ireland.

Prices exclude installation options.

C21 Communications provides solutions and products designed to reduce the cost of telephony for SoHo and SME businesses, right through to global enterprises.

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