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The Weboptimiser Temporary Wireless Lan worked great at Internet World – HSDPA Router technology with wifi.

7 May 2007

Internet connections in the VIP area at the Internet World show, Earls Court 2, London, were this time working using C21 Communication’s portable wifi Lan. Normally we rely on the exhibitions internet connections which costs us a small fortune. This time we invested the same amount in this equipment using one of our own data enabled 3g sim  cards, for the same price. Now we have a portable wifi router, it can be used again at every show in the future and as backup in the office. I can even plug it into my car !  You can buy it off the internet from c21communications.com. Its simple  plug and play.

The Internet World show was exceptional this year with more interest in search engine marketing than ever. Everyone at weboptimiser were rushed off their feet meeting and greeting all the VIP’s. Everyone at Weboptimiser would like to say a big thankyou to our customers , future customers,  guest speakers, the Internet World Staff and of course to C21 Communications internet connection !

Also thanks to our staff for making it such a success. Matt, Gavin, Achille, Chris, Justin, Shamen, Anik, Elena, David, Chris, Gary, Ash and Alex. Also to everyone back at the office for holding the fort including Jon, Aleksa, TJ, Danesh, and Josh.

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